Product waste extraction

For production processes that result in the production of waste, the recovery of this waste is often an intensive operation that has to be performed manually or in several steps.

This is especially true when it comes to heavier items of waste produced in hard-to-reach places, e.g. punch scrap derived from the manufacture of car mats.
Limoco develops custom exhaust systems that even extract heavy waste pieces on site and transport them to a waste container. Where required, a separator is provided with the extractor to separate material from the fine particulate matter that has been extracted.

Here are just a few of the processes where waste recycling offers added value:

  • punching of plastic or rubber parts for the automotive sector, e.g. car mats.
  • production of materials that result in cutting waste, e.g. paper, cardboard, metallised paper, plastic, etc.
  • production of packaging , e.g. for the food sector
  • cutting and processing of (light) steel or aluminium products