Dust extraction and dedusting

The experience developed over the past 40 years is what has provided Limoco with the thorough knowledge of the various types of dust and their respective extraction systems that it has today.
Originally, the dust extraction systems were mainly intended for joineries and companies involved in woodworking and interior construction; however, these days the target has expanded to include any company having to deal with dust formation, e.g. logistics companies where storage or transhipment takes place, food companies or other industrial production companies.
An extraction system not only offers the customer a solution to issues with dust, but also has a positive impact on employee health, the protection of machinery and, of course, on the environment.
The current legislation requires all companies to invest in a reliable extraction system. Limoco designs systems that perfectly match the customer's needs and budget, thereby ensuring that the customer makes the highest possible return on its investment.
We use a wide variety of filter systems:

  • Vacuum filters, mainly frequency controlled (i.e. with fans running in pure air). The advantage of these pressure systems is that compared to traditional systems they consume 30% less energy.
  • Within the vacuum filter range, we further distinguish between: blower and super blower filters, super jet filters, compact vacuum filters and cartridge filters.
  • Automatic filters with compressed air cleaning
  • Dust filters
  • Cyclone dust collectors
  • Bag filters
  • High-pressure filters
  • Vertical leaf filters
  • Screw filters
  • Chain filters

Most systems are equipped with 100% air recycling. All filter systems comply with the new ATEX standards.