The experience developed over the past 40 years is what has provided Limoco with the thorough knowledge of the various types of dust and their respective extraction systems that it has today.
Originally, the dust extraction systems were mainly intended for joineries and companies involved in woodworking and interior construction; however, these days the target has expanded to include any company having to deal with dust formation, e.g. logistics companies where storage or transhipment takes place, food companies or other industrial production companies.
An extraction system not only offers the customer a solution to issues with dust, but also has a positive impact on employee health, the protection of machinery and, of course, on the environment.
The current legislation requires all companies to invest in a reliable extraction system. Limoco designs systems that perfectly match the customer's needs and budget, thereby ensuring that the customer makes the highest possible return on its investment.
We use a wide variety of filter systems:

  • Vacuum filters, mainly frequency controlled (i.e. with fans running in pure air). The advantage of these pressure systems is that compared to traditional systems they consume 30% less energy.
  • Within the vacuum filter range, we further distinguish between: blower and super blower filters, super jet filters, compact vacuum filters and cartridge filters.
  • Automatic filters with compressed air cleaning
  • Dust filters
  • Cyclone dust collectors
  • Bag filters
  • High-pressure filters
  • Vertical leaf filters
  • Screw filters
  • Chain filters

Most systems are equipped with 100% air recycling. All filter systems comply with the new ATEX standards.

Every industrial sector requires industrial ventilation in some way or another. On the one hand, it’s needed to safeguard the people at the company, while on the other it protects the machines and buildings.
To be more specific, this ventilation may relate to:

  • welding fumes
  • spray drift
  • oil mist
  • solvent fumes
  • adhesive fumes
  • cooking smoke
  • explosive fumes
  • extruder fumes
  • exhaust gasses
  • etc.

In addition to extracting harmful and pollutant fumes, Limoco also provides cooling systems through natural ventilation, blasting hot air away (e.g. from compressors) and heating (e.g. hot air generators).
Moreover, companies are also able to rely on Limoco for ventilation in a host of other areas: technical rooms, battery charging stations, filter cabinets, silencers and acoustic enclosures, industrial extractor hoods, air ducts, etc.

Limoco NV manufactures, supplies and installs the full system, including filters, fans, pipeline network, valves and electric control panels. That said, Limoco's service already begins with the project design itself: our engineering department makes a complete study from every possible angle. As a result, we are also capable of the development, manufacture and installation of specialised customisations down to the last detail.

The Limoco production hall covers 4,800 m² of surface area and is equipped with over 50 stationary machines for all types of sheet metal processing in various grades of steel: galvanised or stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

The bending and cutting machines process sheets up to 3 m long and 6 mm thick, and we also have vertical and horizontal presses, rollers, shearing, flange-facer and punch machines. Drawing and tracing is a thing of the past at Limoco Industries: a fully computer-controlled plasma cutting table has taken over the work, at the same time serving as an extra guarantee when it comes to accuracy and quality.

Our extensive know-how provides us with the flexibility to provide a custom solution for any request. Each time we give the exact same amount of attention to small jobs for last-minute decision makers or super urgent 'interim' projects we prove this flexibility.

Limoco NV's assembly teams consist of VCA*-certified employees and have the right mix of competencies: transparency, technical skills and experience. And that's what makes it possible for them to quickly identify efficient solutions to unforeseen problems.

Naturally, our teams are equipped with a range of technical equipment that simplify the fitting of systems. That's so that we can guarantee installation that's quick and correct, inconveniencing our customers as little as possible.

Limoco NV always tries to keep the customer's production process running as smoothly as possible during execution of the works.

For production processes that result in the production of waste, the recovery of this waste is often an intensive operation that has to be performed manually or in several steps.

This is especially true when it comes to heavier items of waste produced in hard-to-reach places, e.g. punch scrap derived from the manufacture of car mats.
Limoco develops custom exhaust systems that even extract heavy waste pieces on site and transport them to a waste container. Where required, a separator is provided with the extractor to separate material from the fine particulate matter that has been extracted.

Here are just a few of the processes where waste recycling offers added value:

  • punching of plastic or rubber parts for the automotive sector, e.g. car mats.
  • production of materials that result in cutting waste, e.g. paper, cardboard, metallised paper, plastic, etc.
  • production of packaging , e.g. for the food sector
  • cutting and processing of (light) steel or aluminium products

Our engineering team's expertise and know-how form the basis for this filter's development, characterised by its unique properties.

Limoco's CPF (Cyclo Power Filter) can be used for almost very industrial application, and can be customised according to the dimensions and power specified.

In addition, a number of technological innovations ensure that maintenance of the dust extraction system is ultra-low.

Limoco presented a first during ProWood 2015: the compact portable pressure filter, in short 'CMF'.

  • Compact dimensions (H 2350 x W 1230 x L 3585)
  • Frequency control (incredibly energy efficient, due to its operation based on the demands and needs of the machine it's hooked up to)
  • Fully compliant with the highest standards
  • Intended for indoor installation
  • Can be installed quickly and easily via 'Plug & Play' connection